Why you should use free whiteboard videos

The online video market is what is expected to grow at a very fast rate. By 2017, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be in the video format, and here is tutorial on how to make whiteboard animation. This traffic would have tripled by then. Consumers prefer doodle videos to text as it satisfies their information and entertainment needs. And this is true not just for large world famous businesses, but for smaller local companies too. In fact, it is safe to say that online video marketing is something that every small business needs to incorporate into its business strategies.

Even now, about half the companies worldwide are making use of the sketch animations medium – and the numbers are only growing steadily.

As far as internet marketing is concerned, the reach of the whiteboard videos in US and Canada is absolutely unmatched. Every consumer would prefer an exciting and unique animated explainer to learn more about your products. YouTube has almost 1 billion unique hits every month. The only online platform with greater visitors is Facebook. YouTube marketing has become an important tool with all major companies. Smaller players are also following this example.

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Doodle animations that are unique and interesting will immediately catch the attention of UK users. It will prompt them to share it with friends and the business will get a larger customer base. They will also prompt the user to stay longer on the site and explore the various services and products. Researchers of motion graphics have found that seven in ten people formed a positive impression about a brand after watching an intelligent and interesting animated commercial. Visual content is also easier to digest and that is a big advantage in this age of information overload.

The best part is that in today’s world you don’t need to have a 12 figure revenue stream to put up a good promotional video. There are many free apps and doodle video softwares available online for Mac or PC which can help companies with a limited budget. However, it is important to note that if you want a truly remarkable video, it is best to invest a little money into it. After all a professional service has resources and knowledge that an individual with other concerns will not posses.

Include whiteboard animation into online newsletters

As we move into a technology-based world, it’s important for companies to move with the times. In this digital age, it becomes very difficult to catch and hold the attention of both new and existing clients as it takes a bolder approach to do so. One of the modern marketing strategies being used today is the use of animations. Here are 5 reasons why companies are using them to sell products and/or services.

Doodle videos help grab attention

In this digital age, people have very short attention spans and can’t sit through something if they do not have to. People who visit websites often spend around 10-30 seconds before deciding whether to visit another site or stay. Whiteboard video is a perfect way to catch and hold their attention within the 30 seconds, as it is easy to understand, interesting, and different.

They help customers gain understanding

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using video is that it’s able to convey information about a company in a manner that everyone can easily understand-from a 10 year old to a 90 year old. For businesses trying to sell a new product, animations can be a perfect way to promote the product. They transform a message so that clients and customers can easily visualize and understand.


They keep audiences engaged

Motion graphics enable you to communicate information in a fun, simple way, which is high impact and engaging. With this approach, businesses can do things that are outside their budgets and realms of reality.

 They communicate quickly

As mentioned earlier, companies only have 30 seconds or less to present their message. Whiteboard video is an ideal way to companies to communicate information quickly. Doodle video services allows businesses to present their main selling points to customers quickly, which is crucial for online success.

These are just four of many reasons why whiteboard explainer videos are used by various companies to sell products and services. No other medium can match its ability to effectively communicate to a huge market.